Monday, May 09, 2005

Wellington, I Presume

New Zealand’s capital city is an eclectic mix of cafes, galleries, and shops. The city drapes itself languidly across lush green hills, and drips down towards a vibrant waterfront. Although universities infuse a measure of youthful energy, the red cable cars climbing the steep slopes of Wellington retain a spot of old-world charm. A dose of Maori culture gives a unique and wonderful diversity to it all.

The spectacular Te Papa National Museum adds an educational and artistic bent, while the bustling harbor reminds you that this is a working town. The wonderful public gardens provide a softer side, while the busy ferry terminal brings a continuous stream of visitors to add a bit of excitement. Old European style architecture mixes with modern Kiwi, to create a look all its own.

Wellington is hip, happening, energetic, and cool. It’s the perfect jumping off point to see the wonders of the North Island.

Enjoy the Wellington Photo Gallery.

Enjoy the Video of Wild Parrots outside of Wellington.

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