Thursday, May 05, 2005

Abel Bodied

Waves lap around our ankles, fish frolic in the crystal clear water, seals lounge on off shore islands, and exotic birds fill the skies overhead. Earlier today we pushed off from Marahau in a sturdy sea kayak to ply the glassy ocean waters. Already we have seen a Manta Ray gliding beneath our paddles. Now, a Pied Cormorant pokes around a deserted beach looking for dinner. The rocks are slathered in green-lipped mussels, with on occasional starfish mixed in for a little color.

Our campsite sits on a deserted fern-fringed beach. Rugged rainforested hills rise up behind us. We watch the cormorants swim through the tubes of incoming waves, like ancient Hawaiian surfers in search of their rush. Young seals watch from the jagged rocks, and fly underneath our kayak, their curiosity pulling them seaward. As they play and roll in the deep blue, their parents bark instructions not to go too far.

The water is deserted, save the occasional boat. Suddenly a pod of bottlenose dolphins roars past, taking flight just for fun. We sit in awe of the wonders of nature. This is the magic of Abel Tasman National Park.

Enjoy the Abel Tasman National Park Photo Gallery.

Enjoy the video of a young seal playing in Abel Tasman National Park.

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