Monday, November 08, 2004

I Think I’m Going To Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Nepal is a haven for travelers. Anything and everything is available in Kathmandu, or at least it seems that way after the desolation of Tibet. We stayed in an oasis known as the Kathmandu Guest House, complete with a lush flower and palm tree-studded courtyard. Our first night we gorged on a top-notch Italian meal, complete with Chianti, on a rooftop terrace lined with flowers and trees. Sunrise brought singing birds, bountiful breakfasts, and endless shops just waiting to supply anything desired.

Alas, we stayed for only two days, given the current political unrest in Nepal. Government soldiers patrolled every street corner, brandishing their steely-cold machine guns with menacing authority. All of the shopkeepers told us that tourism is way down, and we met no other Americans during our stay. Although everything seemed relatively safe in Kathmandu, leaving when we did felt right.

Nepal is a very worthwhile objective -- we will be back someday.

Enjoy the Nepal Photo Gallery.

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