Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Seattle, Bainbridge, the Northwest…

When most people think of Seattle, they think of rain. In fact, folks back East think Northwesterners have moss growing behind their ears. While Seattle gets its fair share of the wet stuff in the winter (and, if we are being honest, in the Spring and Fall too), what most people don’t realize is that the summers here are perfect. Not nice. Not great. Perfect.

We are lucky enough to be spending part of this summer in Washington State. Frequent readers of this blog know our story, but for those new to the scene, here is the short version. Lynn was born in Seattle, and I in Colorado. After years in the steamy climes of Virginia and the mountains of Colorado, we both ended up in the Curt-Cobain-Seattle of the early 90s. We then moved to Colorado for a few years, relocated to Boston for a few more, before deciding to drop out for a few months of long-anticipated travel. Cut to the present.

Lynn’s parents live on a bucolic island surrounded by both high mountain peaks and tranquil water. Home to 20,000+ lucky residents, Bainbridge Island sits in Puget Sound, just a 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle, and an hour from the majesty of Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. With all the amenities of a city, and the beauty of a pastoral wilderness, Bainbridge is an amazing place to live. Especially during a perfect Pacific Northwest summer.

Since we arrived here on July 1, our calendars have been full and our days busy. We spent the July 4th holiday on Whidbey Island with longtime family friends, and enjoyed spectacular fireworks reflecting off the Sound from the comfort of our private bonfire on the beach. We have hiked extensively among the moss-draped old-growth forests and crystalline high-alpine ridges of Olympic National Park. We have picked fresh blueberries and blackberries from the awesome tangle of plants thriving in the idyllic garden behind the house, and we have explored the beach and sand dollar fields in Murden Cove in front of the house on the lowest tide of the year.

Every day, we watch the resident pair of Bald Eagles frolic in the cove, fishing for salmon, and fending off scoldings from the local Osprey. Great Blue Herons constantly stalk the flats looking for sustenance, and every evening a flock of Canadian Geese land in formation in full view of our front deck.

Periodically, we hop the ferry for the quick ride to downtown Seattle, to see friends, ply the stalls of Pike Place Market, or simply feel the funky vibe that Seattle has to offer. This afternoon we climbed in kayaks for a tour of Murden Cove. Yes, it has been a good summer. In fact, it has been perfect.

Enjoy the Seattle photos.

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